Shivee Khuren Gate Opens for Coal Transportation

2013-03-05riotintoNew border gate with eight lines at Shivee Khuren in Mongolia and Ceke in China launched in January 5, with opening ceremony, which was attended by representatives from its co-founders; General Authority for Border Protection, General Customs Office, State Inspection Agency, MAK, SouthGobi Sands, Qinhua-MAK-Nariin Sukhait. The recent opening of new border gates between Mongolia and China exclusively for coal transportation will significantly increase coal export capacity between the two nations.
Coal was previously transported out of Mongolia at Shivee Khuren-Ceke through a single gate approximately eight meters wide, which would allow empty trucks into Mongolia in the mornings and loaded trucks into China in the afternoon. The new gates create a significant increase in the capacity as a number of gates will be available for simultaneous export traffic and two gates will be reserved for the inbound arrival of empty trucks such that a constant two-way flow of traffic can be facilitated.
Also the new gates at the Shivee Khuren-Ceke border-crossing eliminate a bottleneck, reducing costs for transport companies because of more efficient truck utilization for the transport companies. MAK, SouthGobi Sands and Qinhua-MAK-Nariin Sukhait have invested MNT 2 Billions to set up and equip the new gates.

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  1. Elmar Buysch

    Wil the Shivee Khuren coal shipment gates re-open in March or April 2022?
    Thank you

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